Feeling Tired & Stressed? 3 Simple Steps to Reset Your Mindset

Are you feeling stressed out and worn down? You’re not alone. In this post, I’ll share my three-pronged approach to how you can reset your mindset so you can move forward with energy and get yourself back on track.

As women, we tend to juggle a lot of balls and wear many hats. We’re expected to be loving wives, devoted mothers, successful professionals, supportive friends, and more. How we approach our life when we feel stressed out and worn down makes all the difference in how we move forward. So let’s dig into the technique I use to recharge my mindset so I feel more calm, centered, and in control.

The first step is to hit RESET.

This is done by taking a break. This can feel counterintuitive when we are busy, but even 60 seconds away can reframe where we are currently sitting in our mindset. A break allows us the space to see the big picture or get the distance from the stressful situation.

Along with this break, I take a series of deep breaths. This starts with a deep, slow, and controlled inhale. Filling my lungs completely until I can feel the air in my stomach. As I exhale, I let out my breath slowly and calmly, allowing all of the tension in my body to release as I do. This will usually include some lion’s breaths if I’m in a room alone, but more power to you if you do it around others! If time allows, I will take my deep breathing further and meditate.

The last piece of the reset step is to hydrate my body. Proper hydration helps to boost our energy levels, mental clarity, and overall mood. We often don’t realize how dehydrated we get just from sitting. So go grab a big glass of water!

After I have reset, it’s time to RENEW.

There are many ways to renew. My favorite go-to way is to take a walk or do some sort of exercise. If it’s possible to get outside for this, I find that the most replenishing act is to breathe fresh air and be in touch with nature.

Another very underrated way to renew is to take a nap. Many people may struggle with this idea, but finding a place to relax and close our eyes for as little as 5 to 10 minutes can revitalize our souls. This is where we have to tune into our bodies and determine what it is longing for without making excuses for what we don’t have time for, or what should be or shouldn’t be doing in the middle of the day.

How do we get our energy back? RECHARGE!

The thing that recharges my bucket the fastest is reconnecting with my WHY. It’s easy to get distracted by what others think or demand is important. This could be our boss, kids, chores, social engagements, etc.

Knowing clearly what gets me up and moving every day is critical. I use my WHY as my grounding rod. The road map that helps me make decisions each day and guides me along my journey.

The next thing I will do to recharge is find something or someone to make me laugh. Laughter is an excellent way to replenish and destress. As adults, we do not utilize this action enough to fill up our energy buckets.

The last thing I add to my recharge stage is to say positive, affirming words to myself.

As successful women, our inner critic often drives us forward, but it’s important to take a moment to say something kind and positive to ourselves, as this strongly affects our mental and emotional well-being.

Some examples are:

  • Did you slay getting everyone out of the house on time this morning? CELEBRATE!
  • Did you speak your opinion confidently during a meeting this week? HONOR THIS!
  • Did you belly laugh with your kids today? RELISH THIS!

Or say some affirming statements to yourself:

  • My voice brings value and is worth listening to.
  • I can learn from every experience, even when it’s difficult
  • I am strong and capable of achieving my goals.
  • I can do hard things.

It’s natural for successful, busy women like us to experience occasional bouts of overwhelm or fatigue due to all the demands on our lives—it happens even when we do everything right! That’s why I am sharing my three-pronged approach to reset our mindsets, so we can move forward with renewed energy and focus on what’s important in our lives.

A recap:

  • Step 1 is RESETTING our mindset with a break, deep breaths, and a large glass of water.
  • Step 2 is RENEWING our bodies with a walk or a nap, prioritizing our personal energy banks.
  • Step 3 is RECHARGING by connecting with our why, finding ways to laugh, and saying positive words to ourselves.

These steps will help restore balance in your life so you can continue doing amazing things while still caring for yourself along the way! Good luck on this journey—you got this!

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